Game made for the Game Gen Game Jam

The Hero's Journey Agency

Congratulations! You just got a job in the one and only Hero's Journey Agency, whose objective is to let people experience a miniature version of the Hero's journey.

How do I play?

The goal of the game is to complete a full week of work. A successful day will allow you to continue to the next. If you were to fail, you would have to repeat the day, being stuck in a "loop" of sorts *cough* *cough*.

The clients, (or Heroes™) will want to experience different parts of the journey. Each day a new step of the journey will be added. In order to let them experience the amazing step, you will have to enter with them in the corresponding room.

But beware! You can just be in one place at a time, and the clients have limited patience! You will have to be careful with how you manage your time! Clients will wait for you in an ordered queue until they're just too frustrated. You can only let some clients leave each day.

Technical aspect

We used a tool made by the one and only Aitor Iribar which allowed us to mix traditional 3D animations with ragdoll and physics, which created these majestic "potatoes" of clients. 

Good luck!

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AuthorsKE Studio, Aitor Iribar, Pablo Martínez
Tags3D, Management, Physics, Singleplayer

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